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The Oldsmobile Club of Ontario is a not for profit organization established July, 2017. The Club was formed to preserve the History of the Oldsmobile brand.  No other domestic automobile builder can duplicate the long and glorious trail blazed by Oldsmobile. It began from a hand-built wooden carriage in 1897 to the last 2004 Alero on April 29, 2004.  We cover every model Oldsmobile built and you don’t even have to own an Oldsmobile to enjoy the brand.

We are proud to be a supporter of the Ronald McDonald House since 2017


Our Founding Father - Ransom E. Olds

Born Ransom Eli Olds on June 3, 1864 Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio.  

Died August 26, 1950 (aged 86) Lansing, Michigan.

The Man Behind the Wheel - Video


Our anniversary date - July 25th

"Oldsmobile Service" Neon Sign


Multi-coloured, hand blown tubing. The Glass tubes are supported by black finished metal grid, which can be hung against a wall or window; it can even sit on a shelf. 24"x 24"

Raffle Tickets:

1 ticket  =    $ 5.00

5 tickets = $ 20.00

All proceeds from the tickets sales are going to help support the Southern Ontario Ronald McDonald House. 

Contact : if interested in purchasing a ticket. 

(sign will not be shipped due to the possibility of damage)

Winning ticket will be drawn at our National Show - June 23, 2019. 2:45 pm

WINNER= B. Nabribianko